R.B. Meiser Components and Build Schedules

We have two build schedules available: Custom Build and Standard Build

Custom Build Reel Seats

Struble U18 HG in Blue Titanium (lower) and Black (upper)

struble reel seats Many of our Custom Build reel seats are made by Struble Manufacturing, Sutherlin, Oregon. Our Custom Builds can use either the U15HG or the U18HG reel seats. Both are salt water duty made from aircraft grade machined aluminum, and hard anodized. The anodizing colors are available in your choice of Black, Blue Titanium, Bright Titanium, or Green.

The HG series reel seats have double lock nut hold downs, with integral mill slotted Delren lock rings to prevent back out. The upper hoods have milled expansion slots to securely lock the reel foot firmly within the hood. These are among the finest quality and most secure reel seats we have found.

Struble U 26 Nickel Silver (Upper) Darkened (Lower) German Bright
struble reel seats
For the angler that will wish the classic look of Nickel Silver reel seats with wood inserts, we offer the Struble U26.

Struble does have many highly figured woods for the U-26. They are available in classic German Bright Nickel Silver or Darkened Nickel Silver.

Another set of reel seats available with wood inserts are the REC SWUACs and SUACs.

These are ideal for the oversized legs of vintage reels such as the classic Hardy Perfects.

REC SUAC with Walnut, and the Struble U26 with Cocobolo wood
struble reel seats

For our smaller rods ... We offer the Struble D8 Nickel Silver reel seat.
The D8s are best used on 5/6 weight rods and smaller. Struble does make these made for us with a Nickel Silver finial ring at the bottom of the reel seat to allow a finished transition to the lower grip.

struble reel seats

Struble D8 Nickel Silver reel seats with wood inserts top to bottom:
Vera (darkened Nickel Silver), Rose Wood and Cocobolo

We do also offer an extended barrel reel seat custom made for us by Struble for the non-conventional legs of many vintage reels such as the Hardy Perfects.
struble reel seats
On this image are three reel seats to show a comparison in size.

The top reel seat is made for us by Struble and is designed to fit both conforming and non-conforming reel seat legs.

These are all metal barrel seats machined from heavy walled aircraft grade aluminum, and made to the same quality call outs typical of all Struble products.

They are extremely stout, heavy walled reel seats that will aide in butt balancing our longer two handed rods.

These are available in Bright Titanium

We do also offer our own proprietary all metal barrel CNC milled Anodized Aluminum reel seats.

The S2H20 and S2H24 RB Meiser reel seats are of the same quality milling and materials as are the Struble HG seats, but are of our own designs. They have extra wide, heavily profiled lock nuts for those cold mornings when woolies are required. The lock nuts have intergraded Delrin rings to prevent back-out. The thread gauge and quality cut will allow the lock nut to track the entire throw of the thread with one spin. These are burley heavy gauge reel seats designed to synch down larger framed reels suitable for two handed rods.

They are available in two sizes, the larger of which is designed to accommodate both conventional and non-conforming reel legs of many vintage reels.

R.B Meiser designed proprietary reel seats: Titanium Gunsmoke
meiser titanium reel seats

Custom Build Grip Assemblies

meiser custom build grip assembliesAbout Our Grip Assemblies

I truly believe that the grip assembly is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a custom rod for the two handed angler: Second only to the rod blank itself.

Our grips are made up of the finest cork rings available on the world market. All will be accented with Burl /Burnt cork and rubberized cork rings. This not only adds a unique look to the grip, but it will also reinforce the hard-used areas of both the upper and lower grips.

Our grip profiles, and the materials chosen to build them are the result of many years of feed back from our two handed anglers world wide, including world distance casting champions. These are casters that spend countless hours of casting time with their rods perfecting their art, and demand a comfortable and balanced grip assembly.

The grip profiles must be slim enough to enhance (and actually discipline) a relaxed "friendly" delivery. There is no joy in the ache of a cramped hand or wrist resulting from an overly large diameter, incorrectly profiled two handed grip.

All of our grips are individually milled and hand glued ring on ring. Each grip configuration is specifically sized for the rods weight and length.

Upper grips are generally done as one inch length per foot of rod length: A 12' rod will have a 12" to 12.50" upper; a 13'6" rod will have 13.6" to 14" upper etc. We do not use one-size-fits all pre-made grips on any of our rods.

Rod balance is a much discussed topic with two handed anglers...

...And correctly designed grip profiles are of the greatest importance in enhancing functional balance of the two handed rod.

Correct rod balance can only be evaluated with the rod fishing, this best done with the line actually on-the-swing.

Correct rod balance is defined as the casting arm casually extended at the side with the rod balanced on two or three fingers within the top 2/3s of the upper grip. With the rod tip leading the line through the swing: The rod should not have to be pushed down into the water, nor should it be forced to be held out of the water while on the swing. Either of these situations will assuredly lead to sore wrists and forearms within a few hours on the water.

Reel weight does inherently aide in achieving correct rod balance, but attempting to counter balance a tip heavy rod with an overly heavy reel is far from the most effective means by which to achieve rod balance. And adding additional weight to the reel (with lead line wrapped on the spool for example) to achieve balance, will only burden the angler with additional weight to manage over an entire days casting.

In truth ...This only worsens the problem.

The most effective means by which to allow correct rod balance is to simply build the rod with an upper grip long enough that it will allow variable hand placement up or down the cork to achieve comfortable balance points for all casting/fishing scenarios.

This is ultimately why it is so very important to have upper grip lengths scaled to match the length and weight of the rod, and why correctly sized grips will always prove to be far more effective then generic length one-size-fits-all pre-made grips that will often prove to be too short for correct balance, and/or too fat for a comfortable hand hold.

In short ... We take thoughtful consideration with the individual build-up and design of our custom grips to best meet the needs of our anglers.

Milled Wood

Mango wood in lower grip with an REC SWUAC reel seat
meiser custom milled wood assemblies Custom milled exotic wood sections in the lower grips are also available for many of our rods for an additional fee. The combination of the various wood species with the cork grips is nearly infinite. Wood in the lower grip can be custom milled to match the same wood species for the Nickel Silver reel seat insert. These combinations, and pricing for them can be discussed.

Custom Cork Composites for Grip Assemblies

meiser custom cork composites We do have access to a wide variety of cork composites to create an extremely personalized rod.

In situations where we asked to do very personalized grip designs/profiles we do request that the client supply a rendering of the grip profile; this drawn in full size. This rendering will also need to include a schematic of various cork placements to assure that we do exactly what you have in mind.

This can be easily done by hand on 1/4" scale graph paper.

In a custom build of this nature, the key to the success of the project is compatibility of language and a full understanding of what is being conveyed from client to builder. The graphic call outs do not have to be CAD program quality, but they will need to be accurate as we will assemble and mill directly from the agreed schedules.

meiser custom cork composites

Feather Inlays Are Available on all Custom Build Rods
We Offer Three Color Schemes With Matching Thread Wraps:
color schemes thread wraps Top Image: Autumn
Middle Image: Highlander Green
Bottom Image: Tech

Although I am a firm believer that function is ultimately the primary concern when building a fly rod, we can create a totally unique statement for your custom rod with a feather weave inlay.

The feather inlay is placed and covered with epoxy just as any brand label would be on a factory made rod. The inlay will not detract from the rods function nor its durability.

Larger Image of Autumn
color schemes thread wraps

We do Also Offer Optional Jungle Cock Alignment Marks at the Ferrule Assemblies. These can be done for an additional fee.

Hand Written Rod Description and R.B. Meiser Logo

color schemes thread wraps
All of the Custom Build rods will come standard with my hand written rod description, R.B. Meiser Rods logo, determined grain window, month and year. The rod will also be personalized with your name or other detail of your description and choosing.

Guide Systems

color schemes thread wraps
color schemes thread wraps

The custom build rods will come with classic milled and polished Carbide ring strippers with Silver brazed polished stainless steel hoops. They are also available with TiCr coating for additional salt water durability.

These are without question the most durable and maintenance free strippers available, suitable for both fresh and salt water environments. We moved away from all ceramic insert stripping guides several years ago; this due to their history of failure in the field. Any two handed fly rod is rendered useless with ceramic ring guide failure, and this can be more then annoying on a destination fishing adventure. The use of these functional, classic Carbide ring stripping guides has totally eliminated this potential for failure.

color schemes thread wraps

Our snakes and tip tops are made form heavy gauge low carbon marine grade stainless steel with TiCr coating. These are not only jewelry like in appearance, but are 100% salt worthy.

Rod Cases

Our standard powder coated aluminum tube rod cases and socks are made by Landmark, Denver, Colo. These have Gold anodized water proof screw cap / collar and Gold anodized butt cap ~ With sock.

We do also offer optional Rod & Reel combination cordura cases with interior partitions and carrying handles.

Optional Custom Made Leather Rod Cases by Robert Cochrane: Calgary, Alberta Canada
robert cochrane custom cases

Robert Cochrane is a superb leather craftsman, building rod and gun cases in the traditional Old English Coach and Harness tradition. These are totally functional, incredibly durable leather and brass works of art that must be viewed to be appreciated.


Special orders for these fine cases can be arranged through my shop, and will need to be discussed in detail, as dimensions of these cases will be made custom made to fit the specific rod.

Standard Build Rods

The Standard Built rods are made for the angler that will wish more modest pricing, or will not wish to have the custom component and cosmetic options as would the Custom Built R.B. Meiser rods.

These are finely made rods built in my shop. They do meet our criteria as "Pride of Ownership" fishing tools.

We do use the same blanks and component quality of as we would for our Custom Build schedule, the major difference is that the Standard Build rods are not as specifically personalized as are the Custom Build rods.
robert cochrane custom cases
Image of a typical Standard Build rod; this a 13’6” 7/8 wt MKS with a fine Skagit Hen

Standard Build Components

Our rods will come standard with our own proprietary custom designed hard anodized reel seats available in Titanium Gunsmoke.
robert cochrane custom cases

We will use our own proprietary Carbide ring TiCr strippers, and TiCr low carbon heavy wire Marine grade stainless steel snakes and tip tops. The same quality guide system offered for our custom build rods.

robert cochrane custom cases

Grip assemblies will be individually made ring on ring for each rod, with specifically designed grip lengths and diameters determined by the rods power and length.