Field Test ProgramĀ 

All of the rods within the R.B.Meiser S2H series are available upon request to the angler as field test rods.

The majority of my product is marketed by direct sales, that is; I presently inventory very few rods in retail shops. Most of my sales are generated via word of mouth. This is a good thing, and this is a bad thing.

It is a good thing, in that by selling direct to my clientele, I can still build custom to meet the specific requirements of the individual angler. But in some respects, it is a bad thing, in that I do not have inventory readily available to most anglers through regional fly shops.

I do fully realize that any angler should not be expected to purchase expensive fishing equipment on blind faith.

My compromise is to send out rods to the individual upon request for personal hands-on evaluation. What I generally will ask before I send a rod out is to require a credit card number as a security hold, and help with shipping fees. I have done this with literally hundreds of anglers over the years, and it does work very well for all concerned.