Photo Gallery

We do get hundreds of photos from our anglers every season, and many of them are posted on the pages of our website. This is an opportunity to view a collection of them at your leisure.

Featured Photographer: Tokushi Yun (Japan)

Tokushi is an amazing talent. We have many of his works hanging on the walls of our home and my shop. Yun san's photos are often mystical, or perhaps even whimsical and humorous. They are always very personal and companion oriented as he shares his four seasons of fishing the two handed rod with himself and friends on the Island of Hokkaido in Japan.

The beauty and quality of fly fishing on Hokkaido may amaze you ... It certainly did me.

Tokushi's blog site (Slow Fishing) is a great place to periodically check on as he changes his image format almost daily ... And his music selection is great fun as well.

I hope you will enjoy this selected slide show.