New R.B Meiser Highlander & MKS Series

We have designed all new Highlander & MKS blanks … But we have made all efforts to maintain that same sweet yet authoritve power and flex that our anglers have become accustomed with both of our Highlander and MKS two handed rods.

We have benchmarked these new designs as our "Hybrid" tapers.

Through the 2007 and 2008 fishing seasons we have had the new Highlander and MKS blank designs in camps and lodges from BC to Russia. All have gone through critique and evaluation from a broad spectrum of anglers within all casting and fishing skill levels.  

We have always been dependent and greatly appreciative of the constant flow of hands-on in-the-field feedback from our anglers. Their advice has always been an invaluable aide in steering us towards designing the most efficient fishing tools to best meet angler needs.  

The primary issues that we have addressed in our new designs were not dramatic changes in power and flex. Rather: We have concentrated on intelligent use of the most state-of-the art graphite materials and proven roll-up processes. This has been primarily done to improve the overall fishing and delivery capabilities of our preceding generation of Highlander and MKS rods.  

All of our new designs utilize graphite ribbon bi-directional Helical scrims to reduce wall thickness, yet maximize hoop strength. Our new graphite marriages range from high intermediate modulus 40+ ton (to 51 MM) and high modulus 50+ ton (to 71 MM) graphite materials.  

Lightness-in-hand without sacrificing blank durability, and increased overall performance were major targets that we wished to achieve in the design of our new blanks.    

The outcome of this (and most noticeable difference) will be the lightness of weight-in-hand of our new blank designs, all accomplished without sacrificing durability.  

The more subtle difference will be the increased speed of recovery and crisp power release allowed with our new lighter and smaller tubes.      

    Photo by Tokushi Yun Slow Fishing Japan