R.B. Meiser Large Arbor Reels

meiser large arbor reels

The S2H reels are classic contemporary CNC milled form bar stock large arbor reels. They are available in 3 sizes: 7/8, 8/10 and 11/12. They are designed for two handed rods.

Their overall simplicity of design assures a lifetime of maintenance free, efficient performance within fresh and salt water environments. The entire base frame and spool assemblies are Type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

All of our reels will have a life-time warranty. Parts are readily available, and maintenance for them will go directly through our shop.

Drag System large arbour drag system The S2H Reels utilize a fully sealed and long proven drag assembly which is made up of a very simple 3 point pressure pin on drag disk with an infinite variable adjustment. This drag design is elegant in its simplicity, yet 100% efficient in its performance. It will have the ability to stop the most demanding game fish; yet can be incrementally adjusted to protect the finest of tippets if needed.

Our drag system is based on a long proven multi pin-on-disk drag assembly.  The pins are made of the same material used for automotive disk brake shoes. The perforated drag plate and pin assembly are designed to efficiently dissipate excess heat inherent of extreme burst speed runs of large game fish. The large diameter 0.85" spool post not only fully seals the drag and full race bearings, but its mass is designed to also aide in dissipating excess heat that may be generated from the pin and disk brake. The spool is always under a slight tension so it will not back spin when line is stripped from the reel, nor will it back spin on burst speed runs of a charged up game fish.

The post and drag assembly is clutch free; there are no teeth to gear connections that can break off or wear over time. The pin and disk plate allows near zero-lash for instant engagement. This improves feel and eliminates “Spike" typical of a standard pawl clutch hook up.

For those anglers that wish minimal drag assistance: The spool is designed to allow hand palming to control the run.

Spool Line Storage

Our large arbor reels maximize the benefits of large arbor design by maximizing the arbor diameter-to-width ratio. The spool is large in circumference and wide, so that line is stored in a shallow layer. The increased circumference provides a high retrieve rate, eliminates line coil memory, and aides in constant drag torque during longs runs protecting tippet failure.

R.B. Meiser S2H Large Arbor Reels  
Model Size Capacity Weight Price Extra Spool
S2H79 7/9 7-9 + 150 m 20 lbs 7.45 oz $255.00 $125.00
S2H810 8/10 8-10 + 150 m 30 lbs 8.85 oz $285.00 $135.00
S2H1012 10/12 10-12 + 180 m 30 lbs 10.00 oz $315.00 $145.00

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