Highlander and MKS Rods

11'7" Highlander Classic: S2H11757C-4

Grain Window 400 to 600
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt to: 500 grains
Skagit Head wt: 450 to 500 grains Tips to: 150 grains
Scandi Head wt: 400 to 450 grains Head: 2.50 X rod length

The 11'7" rod is one of our earliest designs and they are still among our most popular rods.

meiser highlander and mks
  • 11'7" 4 pc
  • Grain window: 400 to 600
  • Speed of recovery: Fast
  • Highlander Classic Series: Uniform progressive flex
  • All game fish from 5 to 15+ pounds
  • Price Standard Build: $615.00
  • Price Custom Build: $715.00
  • Blank: $205.00

The 5/6/7 wt.11'7" is one of our earliest designs, and has always been a great favorite with our anglers. She is a very diverse two-handed rod suitable for all short belly classic Spey lines, as well as all balanced Skagit/Scandi shooting head line systems.

She is an ideal rod for presenting over smaller rivers while pursuing Salmon, Steelhead, and large coastal and interior Trout … The perfect two-hander for Steelheading the small to medium sized rivers of the Great Lakes watersheds.

Although the rod is only 11'7" long and in the hand feels as light as most 6/7 wt. 10'0" single hand rods, she has a long and strong testimonial history of landing fish well into the mid-teens. She does also have a history of defeating lager fish such as Sam's Columbia drainage 2008 Summer Steelhead shown here.   

The 11'7" is a very authoritive quick recovery rod, so is also ideal for two handed overhead beach work for coastal cruisers, light surf, big stillwaters and salt chuck estuarine.