12'6" Highlander Classic: S2H12657C-4  
Grain Window 400 to 600 grains
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt to:500 grains
Skagit Head wt: 425 to 475 grains Tips to: 150 grains
Scandi Head wt: 375 to 425 grains Head: 2.50 X rod length

12'6" Highlander S Series: S2H1267S-4
Grain Window 400 to 600 Grains
Short Belly Belly length to 55' Belly wt to: 500 grains
Skagit Head wt: 425 to 475  grains Tips to: 150 grains
Scandi Head wt: 375 to 425 grains Head: 2.50 X rod length

These are light weight, medium duty multi-purpose tools suitable for small sized rivers, and game fish from 6 to 15 pounds.

Photo by Tokushi Yun ~ Japan
  • 12'6" 4 pc
  • Grain Window: 450 to 650
  • Speed of recovery: Fast/Medium fast
  • Highlander C Series: Uniform progressive flex
  • Highlander S Series: Mid to tip flex
  • All game fish from 6 to 15 pounds
  • Standard Build price: $625.00
  • Custom Build price: $725.00
  • Blank: $225.00

We as two handed anglers may at times have day dreams that our waters will all be wide bank, bright water, four season rivers. The majority of the runs will be moving at an ideal speed over a cobble and boulder strewn depth ideal for holding Steelhead. Perfect waters where the 90' plus cast is the norm and the skated Bomber will tempt the 18 pound player.

There are the fortunate few where opportunities such as this are a reality. But for most of us the reality is that the majority of our Steelhead waters are smaller sized rivers with complex hydraulics, brushy banks and static seasonal flows. Most fish will average in the 6 to 12 pound range, and although these may not be the grand Steelhead that our dreams are made of, they are our bread & butter and are challenging game fish to pursue in all regards. 

For this scenario these 12'6" rods have become the tool of choice for many anglers as they are of a length to be easily managed on the smaller rivers, have a grain window capable of delivering a broad range of line systems and the inherent power to easily defeat a bright 13 pound fish.

These are extremely lightweight tools with a strong heart and soul, and perfect tools for our smaller back-yard rivers.