13'6" Highlander S Series: 2H1369S-4  
Grain Window 500 to 750
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt: 550 to 650
Mid belly Belly length to: 75' Belly wt: 600 to 750
Skagit Head wt: 600 to 650 grains Tips to: 200 grains+
Scandi Head wt: 550 to 600 grains Head: 2.65 X rod length

13'6" MKS: S2H13689MKS-4  
Grain Window 550 to 900
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt: 650 to 750 grains
Mid belly Belly length: 60' to 75' Belly wt: 700 to 800 grains
Skagit Head wt: 650 to 700 grains Tips to: 250 grains
Scandi Head wt: 600 to 650 grains Head: 2.65 X rod length

The 13'6" 8/9 MKS is the benchmark rod for all of the MKS Tapers, and has become the work horse tool for those anglers that will wish a heavy duty tool suitable for all game fish from 12 to 30+ pounds. The 136S9 is the new kid in the block, but she is a light weight shooting head launch machine.

  • Grain Window: 550 to 850
  • Speed of recovery: Fast to fast/medium fast
  • Highlander S Series: Mid to tip flex
  • MKS: Deep flex
  • All game fish form 10 to 30+ pounds
  • Standard Build: $675.00
  • Custom Build: $775.00
  • Blank: $265.00

Both the MKS and S series rods do have broad grain windows and diverse applications. Both would be considered heavy duty tools suitable for all game fish well into the 40 pound range.

Both will manage sustained anchor scenarios with Skagit shooting heads with extreme sink tips in tow with equal authority. The MKS rod does have the top end authority to easily un-hinge full sink short to mid belly length line systems, and will deliver long bellied lines to consistent distances in excess of 100 feet if needed.

When compared to the MKS, the S Series 13689 is lighter-in-hand rod. And although she will handle Skagit shooting heads with equal authority, she will be especially effective with Scandi shooting heads.