Grain Window 650 to 950
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt: 600 to 750 grains
Mid belly Belly length: 60' to 75' Belly wt: 650 to 800 grains
Skagit Head wt: 650 to 700 grains Tips to: 250 grains
Scandi Head wt: 600 to 650 grains Head: 2.65 X rod length

The 13'6" 9/10 is a specialized rod designed to quickly defeat large game fish. This rod was originally developed for bright Springers. The 13'6" 9/10 MKS is a world class rod designed for world class fish.

  • 13'6" 4 pc
  • Grain Window: 650 to 950
  • Deep flex
  • Speed of recovery: Fast/medium fast
  • All game fish to 60 + pounds
  • Standard Build Price: $675.00
  • Custom Build Price: $775.00
  • Blank: $265.00

Many Pacific Northwest fly anglers consider an ocean bright Spring Chinook to be their premiere game fish. They are highly sought after for their incredibly strong fight, willingness to come to a well presented fly, and for their absolute big shouldered beauty. Nothing in the Pacific anadromous fisheries can compare to these Kings of the Salmon family.

But in truth: Our bright Springers have become a very finite resource, and once hooked need to be released as quickly as possible so that they may continue their river journey unharmed.

We have worked with several camps over the years to design the ideal rod that would not only perform well in all aspects of delivery in waters where these game fish are found, but would also have the power to quickly defeat and release the aggressive 40 to 50 pound fish.

The 13'6" rod was the overall length chosen by these camps as its shorter length proved to be a tremendous advantage in levering these large powerful fish early in the fight. The MKS taper was chosen for its caster friendly, ultra efficient delivery. The grain window of 650 to 950 grains was chosen, not only for the inherent power to quickly defeat these game fish, but this window also allows a wide diversity of line systems required during the often challenging river conditions found within the early season that these fish enter our river systems.