Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5  
Grain Window 350 to 550
Short belly Belly length to: 55' Belly wt to: 500 grains
Mid belly Belly length to: 65' Belly wt to: 500 grains
Skagit Head wt: 350 grains Tips to: 100 grains+
Scandi Head wt: 350 grains Head: 2.50 X rod length

The 15'9" 5 wt Classic Highlander is without question our most specialized “niche" application two handed rod..

  • 15'9" 5 pc 
  • Grain Window: 350 to 550
  • Speed of recovery: Medium fast
  • Highlander C Series: Uniform progressive flex from tip to butt
  • All game fish: 3 to 12 pounds
  • Standard Build price: $735.00
  • Custom Build price: $835.00
  • Blank: $325.00

As is typical of all of our rods; the 15'9" 5 wt. was developed based upon requests by our anglers. The request was for an ultra light-weight long rod for pursuing small game fish on large sized rivers.

She is an ideal tool for game fish like Small Mouth Bass on the Upper Mississippi drainage, Half Pounders on the Lower Klamath and Rogue, and resident Trout on any of our larger rivers. In short she is ideal for all warm and cold water game fish from 3 to 12 pounds.

She has a classic Highlander progressive flex with a medium fast speed of recovery, so does have a very crisp stroke. The 5/6 CND GPS (for example) is a fine match, and she'll toss this line to the knot no worries. She is a truly a fun long rod to cast, and will deliver long distances with only the most minimal amount of caster expended energy.

As with all of our rods: We do have SGS custom made mid belly length classic Spey lines and custom built SGS Scandi lines specifically made for this rod.

 Photo by Tokushi Yun ~ Japan