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hardy reels

Hardy Reels ~ Over 100 Years of Excellence

… Not much needs to be said about these iconic reels … They’ve been speaking for themselves for over 10 decades <> And they do speak loudly … !!!

This selection of Hardy click & pawl, and disc drag reels will have spool capacities suitable for our two handed rods ranging from 2 to 12 weight.

The reels designated for T.H. (two handed) 2 to 6 weight line capacities will be well suited for all game fish within a range of 1 to 10 pounds. These would be ideal reels for the lighter duty two handed rods such as our Trout Speys, and ultra lite switch rods.

The reels designated for 7 to 12 weight will be well suited for all game fish within a range of 6 to 35+ pounds. These would be ideal for our medium to heavy duty two handed rods.

Hardy Click and Pawl Reels

hardy perfect fly reel

The “Wide Spool” Hardy Perfect

Hardy Perfect Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Perfect 4/5/65.3WF6 + 533 to 5 wt599.0099.00
Perfect 6/7/86.2WF8+755 to 7 wt599.0099.00
Perfect 7/8/99.9WF9+1556 to 8 wt695.00115.00
Perfect 9/10/1111WF10+2478 to 10 wt795.00135.00
Perfect 11/1211.3WF12+26510 to 12 wt795.00135.00

  • Time proven, adjustable check system with that traditional ‘Hardy sound’ 
  • Wide Spool design increases line capacity
  • Stainless steel ball bearings provide frictionless running
  • Engineered from bar stock aluminum with naval brass 1 piece spindle
  • Deep anodized for strength and durability, smooth gunmetal grey satin finish
  • Ivorine handle
  • Easily changed from left to right hand wind
  • Supplied in a soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch
  • Available in 6 sizes, including the traditional Taupo 3 7/8 inch
  • Made in UK

Beautiful classic fly reels, the latest revision in over a century of the Perfect. This model features a wide spool for better capacity, a time proven check system, and that classic Perfect sound.


The Hardy Bougle

Hardy Bougle Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Bougle 5/6/74.7DT6 +703 to 6 wt54599
Bougle 9/10/117.9DT10+2557 to 10 wt595119

  • Sweet sounding, wide-ranging check system
  • Naval brass bush and spindle
  • Deep anodized bar stock aluminum in Pearl Silver finish
  • Easily changed from left- to right-hand wind
  • Spools interchangeable with Bougle Mk VII, VI, V & IV
  • Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch
  • Made in UK

Launched for the reel's 110th birthday in 2013, this Bougle is one of the best yet - with its rolling pillar, reversible click check, naval brass bush and spindle, and its hand polished, deep anodized ‘pearl silver' finish. This Bougle reel is sure to become one of the classics. 

hardy duchess fly reel

The Hardy Duchess

Hardy Duchess Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Duchess 4/5/64WF6 + 602 to 5 wt499.00169.00
Duchess 9/10/117.6WF10+2707 to 10 wt549.00189.00

  • Engineered and hand crafted from bar stock aluminum
  • Ambidextrous, fully adjustable click check mechanism
  • Vented frame and spool
  • 'Split cage' frame design
  • Twin line guides for full LHW/RHW compatibility
  • Hollow recessed stainless steel spindle
  • Wooden handle
  • Made in UK

The is the first new Hardy classic designed reel in over a decade. Handmade in Alnwick, England by skilled craftsmen, the Duchess features an innovative split frame design and dual line guards within a classically styled high quality reel.

hardy marquis fly fishing reels

The Hardy Marquis

Hardy Marquis Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Marquis 64.32WF6 + 452 to 4 wt36989
Marquis 74.62WF7+675 to 6 wt36989
Marquis Salmon 18.11WF10+1706 to 8 wt39999
Marquis Salmon 29.3WF11+2808 to 10 wt44999
Marquis Salmon 39.9WF12+40010 to 12 wt449109

  • Made in UK
  • Bar stock 6061 Construction
  • Improved range of adjustment
  • Modified Porting to reduce weight
  • Updated yet classic styling
  • Indented regulator button

A re-modeled classic Hardy fly reel. The Hardy Marquis was a mainstay of the Hardy line for many years. This new edition features numerous improvements to the original including subtle updating of the classic style with an indented regulator button, increased porting, and improved regulation range.

Hardy Disc Drag Reels

hardy cascapedia fly reels

The Hardy Cascapedia

  • Made in UK
  • Full bar stock construction
  • S -Shaped Handle
  • Classic Click check ratchet sound

Available in a full 4 size range covering every freshwater application from trout to two-handed Spey the new Cascapedia reel is a stunning addition to the Hardy Made in England reel program. The two smaller sizes feature a classic click check system whilst the larger models feature a fully functioning disc drag with an inbuilt audible clicker to give the classic Cascapedia sound.

Hardy Cascapedia Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Cascapedia 6/78.4WF7+854 to 6 wt649.00-
Cascapedia 8/912.7WF9+1906 to 8 wt799.00-
Cascapedia 10/1114WF11+2908 to 12 wt829.00-

hardy ultralite ma fly fishing reel

The Hardy Ultralite MA

  • Bar stock 6061
  • Two tone anodizing
  • 360 degree color coded drag
  • Captive spool release
  • Mid arbor design for high line capacity.

Hardy Ultralite MA reels are a full bar stock 6061 construction with a stunning industrial design based on our class leading Ultralite CADD series, combined with an all new 360 degree color coded drag system and a large capacity mid-arbor spool design.

Hardy Ultralite MA Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Ultralite MA 5/6/75.3DT6+853 to 5 wt275.00149.00
Ultralite MA 6/7/85.6DT7+1405 to 7 wt309.00169.00
Ultralite MA 8/9/109DT9+1506 to 8 wt349.00189.00
Ultralite MA 10/11/129.80DT11+1609 to 11 wt419.00209.00

hardy sdsl fly fishing reel

The Hardy SDSL

  • Full Bar stock 6061 construction
  • Fully sealed saltwater safe drag system
  • Carbon Fiber disc drag system
  • Color coded 340 degree drag regulator

The SDSL series of reels is fully machined from bar stock 6061 alloy featuring a fully sealed carbon fiber disc drag system capable of generating up to 16 lb of pressure controlled by a 340 degree color coded regulator. An incredibly strong yet maintenance free reel. The SDSL is also lightweight for long days on the water and features a stunning Silver and Blue color scheme and captive spool release system.

Hardy SDSL Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
SDSL 6/7/88.6WF8+2005 to 7 wt399.00199.00
SDSL 8/9/109.2WF11+2906 to 8 wt429.00229.00
SDSL 10/11/1211.5WF12+2508 to 10 wt499.00249.00
SDSL 12+12.9WF12+3509 to 12 wt549.00269.00