R.B. Meiser Spey Rod Shop

We do now offer a selection of ready built R.B. Meiser Spey & Two-Handed Rods, plus our own reels and lines that will perfectly match your two handed rod.

For Orders Please Contact: rmeiser@charter.net
541-770-4766 ~ 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

meiser speyshop
Photo by Tokushi Yun ~ Japan
Ready Built Highlander and the MKS Series Spey Rods

The selection of rods tabled below represents our most popular selling rods. We do now offer this selection as Standard Build schedules. These are ready built rods available for 10 day delivery.

Image of typical Standard Build Rod:
ready built highlander rod Components:
  • Our own proprietary Carbide ring TiCr Strippers
  • Our own proprietary TiCr Snakes and Tip Tops
  • Our own proprietary Titanium Gunsmoke reel seats
  • Standard Build with Single Jungle Cock Inlay
  • Tube and sock

MKS More Information (click here)
Model Length Line Grain Window Price
12656MKS-4 12'6" 5/6 350 to 600 $625.00
13067MKS-4 13'0" 6/7 400 to 650 $635.00
13078MKS-4 13'0" 7/8 450 to 750 $635.00
13678MKS-4 13'6" 7/8 500 to 800 $675.00

Highlander Classic More Information (click here)
Model Length Line Grain Window Price
S2H12646C-4 12'6" 4/5/6 350 to 550 $625.00
S2H13057C-4 13'0" 5/6/7 400 to 650 $635.00
S2H13068C-4 13'0" 6/7/8 450 to 700 $635.00
S2H13679FES-4 13'6" 7/8/9 500 to 800 $675.00
S2H14079EVE-4 14'0" 7/8/9 500 to 800 $705.00
S2H15079C-4 15'0" 7/8/9 500 to 800 $735.00

Highlander S Series More Information (click here)
Model Length Line Grain Window Price
S2H1265S-4 12'6" 5 350 to 550 $625.00
S2H1306S-4 13'0" 6 400 to 600 $635.00
S2H1308S-4 13'0" 8 500 to 750 $635.00
S2H1367S-4 13'6" 7 450 to 700 $675.00
S2H1369S-4 13'6" 9 550 to 800 $675.00
S2H1407S-4 14'0" 7 450 to 700 $705.00
S2H1409S-4 14'0" 9 500 to 800 $705.00
S2H1509S-4 15'0" 9 500 to 800 $735.00

Highlander Switch Rods More Information (click here)
Model Length Line Grain Window Price
S2H11067-4 11'0" 6/7 400 to 600 $605.00
S2H11078-4 11'0" 7/8 450 to 700 $605.00

R.B. Meiser Large Arbor Spey Reels

meiser large arbor reels

The S2H reels are classic contemporary CNC milled form bar stock large arbor reels. They are available in 3 sizes: 7/8, 8/10 and 11/12. They are designed for two handed rods.

Their overall simplicity of design assures a lifetime of maintenance free, efficient performance within fresh and salt water environments. The entire base frame and spool assemblies are Type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

All of our reels will have a life-time warranty. Parts are readily available, and maintenance for them will go directly through our shop.

Drag System large arbour drag system The S2H Reels utilize a fully sealed and long proven drag assembly which is made up of a very simple 3 point pressure pin on drag disk with an infinite variable adjustment. This drag design is elegant in its simplicity, yet 100% efficient in its performance. It will have the ability to stop the most demanding game fish; yet can be incrementally adjusted to protect the finest of tippets if needed.

Our drag system is based on a long proven multi pin-on-disk drag assembly.  The pins are made of the same material used for automotive disk brake shoes. The perforated drag plate and pin assembly are designed to efficiently dissipate excess heat inherent of extreme burst speed runs of large game fish. The large diameter 0.85" spool post not only fully seals the drag and full race bearings, but its mass is designed to also aide in dissipating excess heat that may be generated from the pin and disk brake. The spool is always under a slight tension so it will not back spin when line is stripped from the reel, nor will it back spin on burst speed runs of a charged up game fish.

The post and drag assembly is clutch free; there are no teeth to gear connections that can break off or wear over time. The pin and disk plate allows near zero-lash for instant engagement. This improves feel and eliminates “Spike" typical of a standard pawl clutch hook up.

For those anglers that wish minimal drag assistance: The spool is designed to allow hand palming to control the run.

Spool Line Storage

Our large arbor reels maximize the benefits of large arbor design by maximizing the arbor diameter-to-width ratio. The spool is large in circumference and wide, so that line is stored in a shallow layer. The increased circumference provides a high retrieve rate, eliminates line coil memory, and aides in constant drag torque during longs runs protecting tippet failure.

R.B. Meiser S2H Large Arbor Spey Reels  
Model Size Capacity Weight Price Extra Spool
S2H79 7/9 7-9 + 150 m 20 lbs 7.45 oz $255.00 $125.00
S2H810 8/10 8-10 + 150 m 30 lbs 8.85 oz $285.00 $135.00
S2H1012 10/12 10-12 + 180 m 30 lbs 10.00 oz $315.00 $145.00

meiser spey reel meiser spey reel

R.B. Meiser SGSTM Two Handed Lines

We have now designed our own two handed line systems suitable for all two handed rods
These are lines designed by Steve Godshall, and why we call them the Steve Godshall Specials: The SGS lines

They Include:
  • SGS Scandi Shooting Heads
  • SGS Floating Skagit Shooting Heads
  • Coming Soon: SGS Slow Sink Skagit Shooting Heads  
  • Coming Soon: SGS Classic Speys
  • SGS IT Scandi Systems
  • SGS IT Floating Skagit Systems
  • SGS Level Running Lines (Available in three diameters)
  • SGS Mend Master Tapered Running Lines (Available in two weights)
  • SGS Zink Tips ~ Zink impregnated polymer tip material (available in bulk or tip kits)
SGS Scandi Shooting Heads

Scandi shooting heads inherently are extremely caster friendly lines due primarily to the fact that their short head length is very easily managed beyond the rod tip. They are not only very forgiving of caster error, but are extremely effective fishing lines as well.

We do recommend our SGS floating Scandi shooting heads for our two handed rods. Floating Scandi shooting heads are ideal general purpose line systems that can be utilized for both two handed overhead and anchor point Spey deliveries. They are ideal for long distance deliveries and top water to shallow water-column depth penetration for all swing-fish applications.

They are perfectly tapered Scandi shooting heads that will deliver laser tight loops. Their long front tapers will allow extended flight; the belly will not dump before the tip allowing the entire head and leader to lay out sweetly and fully extended. All are designed to carry Poly/Versi Leaders of various sink rates from floating to extra fast sink.

They are available with welded loops at the rear end, this to allow easy head exchange of running lines. They are also available with a correctly sized integrated level or tapered SGS running lines.

Custom Built Scandi Heads

We can also custom build SGS scandi heads that will balance perfectly to your rod … And can do them with any configuration. Please call our shop (541-770-4766) and we can determine how to custom build the head to perfectly match your fishing requirements.  

Shooting Head Wallets

large arbour drag system
All SGS head, running line and leader/tip kits will come with  this 6 pouch shooting head wallet.  

Most fly lines come on plastic spools, packaged in carboard boxes, that will most assuredly end up in a land fill at some point. We have eliminated this scenairo by supplying our lines in an extremely well made and 100% useable head wallet.  

The wallet pouches expand to fit any shooting head. The cover flap will Velcro secure the wallet for safe and efficient storage of all your shooting head systems.  

NOTE: Wallets are sold seperately for $9.50

Stock SGS Scandi Shooting Heads

These are our base lines, available in the given dimensions as tabled below.

They are available with welded loop at both the fore and aft ends, and are the base lines for all of our shooting head line systems …

… Or they are available with either level or tapered integrated SGS ELF running lines.

Stock SGS Scandi Shooting Heads  
Line Head Wt. Grains Head Length Front Taper Belly Length Rear Taper Head Only Integrated Level Running Line Integrated Tapered Running Line
SC4 280 30' 14' 11' 5' $39.50 $69.50 $74.50
SC5 330 32' 15' 11.5' 5.5' $39.50 $69.50 $74.50
SC6 390 33' 16' 12' 5' $39.50 $69.50 $74.50
SC7 450 35' 17' 12.5' 5.5' $39.50 $69.50 $74.50
SC8 510 36' 18' 13' 5' $39.50 $69.50 $74.50
SC9 570 38' 19' 13.5' 5.5' $49.50 S69.50 $74.50
SC10 600 41' 21' 14.5' 5.5 $49.50 $69.50 $74.50

SGS Scandi IT Shooting Head Systems
The SGS Scandi IT shooting heads are system lines designed to multi-task and maximize the diverse capabilities of all two handed rods with Scandi shooting heads.

sgs scandi it shooting head systems The SGS IT shooting heads are ideal for all two handed rods, and are suitable for all river borne game fish. They will achieve long distance, tight loop ascending deliveries with only minimal expended energy. Their extra long back tapers will allow ultra sweet straight line lay outs to the descending head and leader.

Level shooting head running lines are ideal for distance casting, but allow very little assist in mending the head through the swing. To aide in mending, have designed looped tapered running lines. The combination of our long gradually tapered running line will add 15' to 20' of stack mending distance advantage for all nymphing techniques. The tapered running line will also prove to be a great asset in mending the riffle hitched or skated fly. The added mass of the taper running line will not only allow effortless two handed stack mending, but will also tighten the delivery loop and assist a straight-line layout of the entire descending line. Conventional two handed level shooting head running lines will not allow all of these advantages.

The IT Scandi shooting head kits can be custom build specifically for your two handed rod: Simply supply us the rod length and line number and we will match this line to your rod.

The SGS Scandi IT Shooting Head System Will Include:
  • One Scandi head looped fore and aft
  • One looped MendMaster tapered running line (sized for the head)
  • One looped level running line (sized for the head)
  • Four 10' Poly Leaders: Floating, Intermediate sink, slow sink and fast sink
  • Shooting head wallet

SGS-IT Scandi Shooting Head Kit 8
Line Price
SGS-IT4 $135.00
SGS-IT5 $135.00
SGS-IT6 $135.00
SGS-IT7 $135.00
SGS-IT9 $135.00
SGS-IT10 $135.00

SGS Floating Skagit Shooting Heads

The SGS Skagits have all of the right things going for them: They have perfect balance of grain within their tapers that will give them the ability to carry extreme tips with heavy flies in tow. They will quickly load the rod with minimal expended energy; allowing easy anchor release of extreme sink tips creating tight loop ascending deliveries. They have tough Poly coatings, 30 pound braided cores and durable welded loops both fore and aft.

Skagit shooting heads are designed for quick rod loading and easy management of sustained anchor deliveries. They are lines specifically designed to carry sink tips and weighted flies to allow deep water-column penetration. 

The SGS Skagits have a uniform length increase that is in direct relation to their grain increase (1 foot per 50 grains+-) This allows a sweeter landing, and more uniform turn over of the head. This generally follows the rule of incrementally longer/heavier heads will better match incrementally longer, higher grain weight rods.

Coming Soon: Slow Sink SGS Skagit Shooting Heads:

The SGS slow sink Skagits will allow a uniform penetration deeply into the water column starting from the running connection right down to the fly, just as would a density compensated full sink fly line. The slow sink head will greatly enhance effective fly presentation in any sub surface swing or high stick presentation. These will range for 250 to 800 Grains

SGS Skagits and Airflo Compact Skagits
Head Weight and Line Model Head Length Head Only With ELF Level Integrated Running Line With ELF Tapered Integrated Running Line
SGS-225 20' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
SGS-275 20' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
SGS-325 21' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
SGS-375 22' $39.00 $69.00 $70.00
SGS-425 23' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
SGS-475 24' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
SGS-525 25' $39.00 $65.00 $70.00
Airflo Compact 540 23' $49.00 $75.00 $80.00
Airflo Compact 570 23' $49.00 $75.00 $80.00
Airflo Compact 600 23' $49.00 $75.00 $80.00
Airflo Compact 660 23' $49.00 $75.00 $80.00
Airflo Compact 720 23' $49.00 $75.00 $80.00

SGS Scandit Shooting Heads

Scandits are lines that combine the advantage of both Skagit and Scandi shooting head line systems

Over the past few seasons two handed anglers have discovered the diverse benefits of looping floating classic Spey line tips onto the ends of their Skagit shooting heads. Many anglers have now coined these lines as “Scandit" shooting heads.

 In essence (if tip grains and length are balanced to the head) this system will allow the angler to convert a short head Skagit into a longer head Scandi; diversifying the heavy sink tip delivery capability of the Skagit head into a longer Poly Leader carrying Scandi head. We have taken this system to the next step, and do now offer correctly grain balanced and appropriate length head and tips for all two handed rods.

The SGS Scandit head will come with a Skagit head looped to accept a balanced looped floating tip.
  • With the floating tip removed; you have a Skagit shooting head for sink tips and heavy flies
  • With the floating  tip in place; you have a Scandi shooting head looped for Poly Leaders and lighter weight flies
sgs scandit shooting head systems The SGS Scandit System will allow all of the quick loading and deep water penetration advantages of the Skagit shooting head with sink tips, but will also offer an equal and additional advantage for top water grease line presentation with the use of a tapered running line, a tapered Skagit floating tip and Poly Leaders.

The Scandit System will come with two running lines: One a conventional level running for distance deliveries, and another tapered running line to detail line mending; assisting in all applied Trouting techniques.

With this system you will be able to literally cover all sub-surface and top-water presentations; from dredging heavy sink tips and heavily weighted Intruders, to skating a Quigley Dragon … And everything in between.

These are lines for the angler that will wish to carry only minimal kit to the river, but will still be well fitted to meet most any situation one may encounter.

The SGS Scandit Shooting Head System Will Include:
  • One Skagit floating shooting head looped fore and aft
  • One grain matched floating tip looped fore and aft
  • One looped SGS MendMaster tapered running line (Sized for the head)
  • One looped SGS ELF level running line (Sized for the head)
  • Four looped SGS Zink Tip kit (Sized for the head)
  • Four looped SGS 10' Poly Leaders: Floating, Intermediate sink, slow sink, fast sink
  • A 6 pouch Shooting head wallet

SGS Scandit System
Head Weight and Line Model Kit Price Head & Tip Only
SCANDIT-230 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-280 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-330 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-380 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-430 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-480 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-530 $159.00 $49.00
SACNDIT-580 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-630 $159.00 $49.00
SCANDIT-680 $159.00 $49.00

SGS ELFTM Running Lines

We have these available in level diameters and tapered diameters:
  • The level running lines are available in three diameters
  • The tapered running lines are available in 2 weights
  • All running lines are poly coated braid core, 85' in length
  • The level running lines have 5" welded loops at both ends. The tapered running lines are looped at the fore end.
ELF level running lines: Level running lines are ideal for those situations where achieving maximum distance is the priority.

Our level running lines are available in three diameters. We recommend that you use the smaller diameters (.026 and .032) for lighter/shorter heads and smaller game fish, or for extreme distance deliveries. We suggest the heavier (.038) running lines to be used for larger heads and heavier game fish.

Holding points: All of the level running lines will have larger diameter bi-color hold points welded into the fore end of the running line:   

MendMaster TM tapered running lines: Tapered shooting head running lines are designed for "detailing" your fishing presentation.

If achieved distance is the primary goal of your delivery; then utilize level running lines. If you require mending assistance with your running line, then consider a tapered running line.

These are tools designed for detail fishing, and as fishing tools they will prove to be a great asset in assisting all aspects of mending shooting head line systems.

The tapered running lines are recommended for all applied Trouting techniques for all game fish. These include techniques from high stick nymphing, riffle hitching and skating, to dead drift dry fly fishing. Their additional mass and rear taper will greatly assist the stack mend of high stick Chezk style and indicator nymphing. It will also aide in assisting the turn over of the entire head at the shot, enhancing a straight line delivery and sweet friendly drop to the water of the head.

These are amazing running lines that will greatly diversify your shooting head presentations.

SGS ELF Level Shooting Head Running Lines  
Line Length Diameter Pound Core 15' Hold Point Dia. Price
SGS026 85' .026 15# .032 $29.50
SGS032 85' .032 20# .038 $29.50
SGS038 85' .038 30# .043 $29.50

SGS MendMaster Tapered Shooting Head Running Lines  
Line Length Taper Length Pound Core Price
SGS6 85' 40' 30# $29.50
SGS8 85' 40' 30# $29.50

SGS Poly Leaders We do also offer a full range of Poly Leaders

The SGS Poly Leaders are constructed of tapered Polyurethane over a very durable 24 pound test monofilament core. These are all Salmon/Steelhead duty Poly Leaders. The smooth molded loops allow an easy connection and movement through the head loop. The taper gives a silky smooth turn-over and delicate presentations when needed. They are suitable for both fresh and salt water environments.  

SGS Tapered Poly Leaders
Leader Length Density Sink Rate Price
SGS-F16 16' Floating Zero $12.00
SGS-IS16 16' Intermediate Sink 1.5" per sec $12.00
SGS-F14 14' Floating Zero $11.00
SGS-SS14 14' Slow Sink 2.6" per sec $11.00
SGS-FS14 14 Fast Sink 3.9" per sec $11.00
SGS-EFS14 14 Extra Fast Sink 4.9" per sec $11.00
SGS-F10 10' Floating Zero $10.00
SGS-IS10 10' Intermediate Sink 1.2" per sec $10.00
SGS-SS10 10' Slow Sink 2.3" per sec $10.00
SGS-FS10 10' Fast Sink 4.2" per sec $10.00
SGS-EFS10 10' Extra Fast Sink 6.5" per sec $10.00

SGS Zink TipsTM We have introduced a new sink tip material for two handed shooting head line systems.

Our sink tip material is a Zink impregnated polymer with a 40 pound braided core that will be far more supple then will Tungsten impregnated materials. These tips use the same polymer coatings as do our SGS fly lines. This will be a great asset for easy turn-over and straight lay-out for flies of all sizes. The poly coating is extremely easy to build welded loops for your own individual tips.

Our Zink tips are available in four weight ratings: 6,10,14 and 18 grains per foot, and we have Zink Tip material available as pre-made individual looped tips, tip kits, or in bulk spools.

Individual and Kit Tips Come With Welded Loops on Fore and Aft Ends
Z6 Tip Length Z6 Tip Weight Z6 Tip Price Z6 Tip Kit Price Z6 Bulk Z8  Bulk Price
6' 36 grains $8.00 $20.00 100 feet $35.00
9' 54 grains $8.00 - - -
12' 72 grains $8.00 - - -

Z10 Tip Length Z10 Tip Wt Z10 Tip Price Z10 Tip Kit Price Z10 Bulk Z10 Bulk Price
6' 60 grains $8.00 $36.00 100 feet $35.00
9' 90 grains $8.00 - - -
12' 120 grains $8.00 - - -
15' 150 grains $8.00 - - -
18' 180 grains $8.00 - - -

Z14 Tip Length Z14 Tip Wt Z14 Tip Price Z14 Tip Kit Price Z14 Bulk Z14 Bulk Price
6' 84 grains $8.00 $36.00 100 feet $35.00
9' 126 grains $8.00 - - -
12' 168 grains $8.00 - - -
18' 252 grains $8.00 - - -
21' 294 grains $8.00 - - -

Z18 Tip Length Z18 Tip Wt Z18 Tip Price Z18 Tip Kit Price Z18 Bulk Z18 Bulk Price
6' 108 grains $8.00 $36.00 100 feet $35.00
9' 162 grains $8.00 - - -
12' 216 grains $8.00 - - -
18' 324 grains $8.00 - - -
21' 378 grains $8.00 - - -

digital scales Digital Scales

If you are going to become interested in shooting head systems for two handed rods, you will soon realize that a digital grain scale is a “must have" tool.

We suggest the US Balance (150 g X 0.1 g) pocket size digital scales.

They are perfect for weighing heads, bellies and tips.

Our price: $22.00

Kate Davidson / Paul Miller Super Spey Feathers

kate davidson and paul miller super spey feathers I have known both Kate and Paul for nearly 20 years, and it always amazes me of the creative talents that these two have for procuring, grading, dying, and tying with exotic feathers... They are quite a team, and are known world wide. If you are now using dyed Rhea, Emu or Ostrich feathers in your patterns; chances are very good that they originally sourced form Kate's shop.

For tons of information on all feathers for tying check out Kate's website: www.siskiyouaviary.com

From Kate Davidson: "Siskiyou Aviary is offering a line of extra long Spey hackles. These hackles will tie from the 3/0 and larger. The feathers are used for a variety of species including Atlantic salmon, steelhead, snapper, permit, trout, and many more. The feathers can be stacked off the hook to create long tails or palmered on. Many use the feathers to create prawn and squid patterns with plenty of articulation. The application for these feathers are nearly un-limited."

Shown here are only a few samples of the Super Spey feather inventory

kate davidson and paul miller super spey featherskate davidson and paul miller super spey featherskate davidson and paul miller super spey feathers