New Series ~ Highlander Switch Rod Series

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  • Progressive taper
  • Fast/medium fast speed of recovery
  • Uniform flex from tip to butt
  • Extremely lightweight-in-hand
  • Especially suited for compact Scandi/Skagit shooting head line systems and compact Spey tapers
R.B. Meiser Fly Rods are the originators of the "Switch Rod" concept. We have been designing and building these tools for our anglers for over 30 years.

switch rod meiser The short two handed fly rod is a multi-dimensional tool.

They have delivery potentials for both fresh and salt water environments. When married to the correct line systems; they are effective for both two handed over head and anchor point Spey deliveries, and can be used for pursuing literally any game fish that will come to the fly… All with the great advantage of allowing this diversity while utilizing minimal graphite, and minimal expended energy.

We have completely redesigned our short two handed rod series (click here) including the re-introduction of our original 909 series of switch rods. (Click Here)   

 Highlander 909 Switch Rods

Our original switch rods were 9’9” two handed rods. We have been building these short two handed rods by personal request for our anglers for over 20 years. We are now introducing them into our general inventory.   

The flex and power of the 909 rods are far different then typical single hand fly rods. They are short two handed rods that are designed specifically to eliminate the physical burden of single hand double haul delivery … And especially to aide anglers in repetitious search casting with extreme shooting heads and big bugs.   

Most will use them as boat rods. They have great advantages in this application as they are short enough to be used as levering tools to manage explosive fish at the gunnels, and powerful enough to turn large fish on burst speed runs.   

These are ideal rods for large game fish that will only begin an explosive battle at the first sight of the boat like Muskie or Monster Pike. Or for stopping an aggressive burst speed run of a Giant Trevally before they reach jagged coral heads.    

R. B. Meiser Switch Rods
Individual Rod Information: Click Model Number             

Switch Rods
Length Sections Line Grain Window Standard Build Custom Build
S2H10634-4 10'6" 4 3/4 250 to 400 $585.00 $685.00
S2H11045-4 11'0" 4 4/5 300 to 450 $605.00 $705.00
S2H11056-4 11'0" 4 5/6 350 to 500 $605.00 $705.00
S2H11067-4 11'0" 4 6/7 400 to 575 $605.00 $705.00
S2H11078-4 11'0" 4 7/8 450 to 625 $605.00 $705.00
S2H11089-4 11'0" 4 8/9 500 to 675 $605.00 $705.00
S2H110910-4 11'0" 4 9/10 550 to 725 $605.00 $705.00

R.B. Meiser 909 Switch Rods
Individual Rod Information: Click Model Number
Model Number
Length Sections Line Grain Window Standard Build Custom Build
S2H90967-3 9’9” 3 6/7 350 to 550 $595.00 $695.00
S2H90978-3 9'9" 3 7/8 450 to 650 $595.00 $695.00
S2H909910-3 9'9" 3 9/10 550 to 750 $595.00 $695.00
S2H9091112-3 9'9" 3 11/12 650 to 850 $595.00 $695.00