The Rods

All R.B. Meiser two handed rods are conceived, designed, and custom built in our shop in Southern Oregon. We use only our own in-house proprietary blank designs.

r. b. meiser fly rods

R.B. Meiser Hybrid Designs  
We have redesigned our Highlander and MKS series of two handed rods  

R.B. Meiser Highlander Classics  
Our acclaimed benchmark series of two handed rods   

Highlander "S" Series  
A series of two handed shooting head rods  

The MKS Series ~ Mike Kinney Specials  
Hard working, all-purpose two handed rods with taper designs developed by Mike Kinney  

R.B. Meiser Switch Rods  
A series of rods so diverse their only limitation is the creativity of the angler.  

"Conversion Rods" the Master Series  
The diversity of a switch rod combined with the distance delivery capability of the longer two handed rod  

How to Order R.B Meiser Rods
Call or E-Mail our shop  

Our Field Test Program
Take our rods to your waters to evaluate  

Research R.B. Meiser Fly Rods  
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