R.B. Meiser Warranty

switch rod meiser All rods built by R. B. Meiser Fly Rods are individually registered by the owners name, address, phone number, and date of purchase. Once registered, the purchaser can contact our shop annually from the date of purchase. The purchaser will have the option to then return the rod for an annual rod inspection free of charge. The rod will be thoroughly inspected at this time for any potential problems, and a log will be kept of this inspection for our and your records. The rod will be returned to you within 10 working days. (The purchaser is responsible for postage costs.)

The annual free inspection will include the following :
  • All guides.
  • Cork and reel seat assemblies.
  • All ferrule connections.
  • Blank integrity
  • All guide and ferrule wraps
  • The entire rod will be cleaned, re-waxed, and polished
  • The ferrules will be re-fitted, and waxed
  • The cork grips will be re-sanded (if requested)
If upon inspection we notice problems that will affect the rods integrity we will contact you, and discuss maintenance of these areas. With your agreement, these problem areas will be addressed for a determined nominal maintenance fee.

R.B. Meiser Warranty

All components: Guides, reel seat, and grip assemblies are fully warranted for the life of the original owner for any rod built by R.B. Meiser Fly Rods.

All of the blanks utilized to build R.B. Meiser Fly Rods are covered by full replacement as defined by our blank manufacturer's specific factory warranty. In the event of blank breakage, the rod is to be returned to R.B. Meiser Fly Rods, for replacement or repair. Postage to and from my shop will be the responsibility of the owner.

This very personal, periodic maintenance warranty is totally unique to the industry, and if the rod is annually maintained as prescribed, many potential problems can be eliminated.

This warranty offers the advantage of allowing the angler to fish fine equipment that is always in prime condition.