meiser grip assemblies

R.B. Meiser Grip Assemblies

… I truly believe that the grip assembly is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a custom rod for the two-handed angler: Second only to the rod blank itself …

… Our grips are made up of the finest cork rings available on the world market. All will be accented various composite cork rings. This not only adds a unique look to the grip, but it will also reinforce the hard used areas of both the upper and lower grips.

Our grip profiles, and the materials chosen to build them are the result of many years of feed back from our two handed anglers world wide, including world distance casting champions. These are casters that spend countless hours of casting time with their rods perfecting their art, and demand a comfortable and balanced grip assembly.

The grip profiles must be slim enough to enhance (and actually discipline) a relaxed "friendly" delivery. There is no joy in the ache of a cramped hand or wrist resulting from an overly large diameter, incorrectly profiled two handed grip.

All of our grips are individually milled and hand glued ring on ring. Each grip configuration is specifically sized for the rods weight and length.

Upper grips are generally done as one inch length per foot of rod length: A 12' rod will have a 12" to 12.50" upper; a 13'6" rod will have 13.6" to 14" upper etc. We do not use one size fits all pre made grips on any of our rods.

Rod balance is a much discussed topic with two handed anglers...

...And correctly designed grip profiles are of the greatest importance in enhancing functional balance of the two-handed rod.

Correct rod balance can only be evaluated with the rod while fishing, and this best done with the line actually on-the-swing.

Correct rod balance is defined as the casting arm casually extended at the side, with the rod balanced on two or three fingers within the top 2/3 of the upper grip, with the rod tip leading the line through the swing. With correct swing balance, the will rod tip should not have to be pushed down into the water, nor should it be forced to be held out of the water while on the swing.. Either of these situations will assuredly lead to sore wrists and forearms within a few hours on the water.

Reel weight does inherently aide in achieving correct rod balance, but attempting to counterbalance a tip heavy rod with an overly heavy reel is far from the most effective means by which to achieve rod balance. And adding additional weight to the reel (with lead line wrapped on the spool for example) to achieve balance, will only burden the angler with additional weight to manage over an entire days casting.

In truth ...This only worsens the problem.

The most effective means by which to allow correct rod balance is to simply build the rod with an upper grip long enough that it will allow variable hand placement up or down the cork to achieve comfortable balance points for all casting/fishing scenarios.

This is ultimately why it is so very important to have upper grip lengths scaled to match the length and weight of the rod, and why correctly sized grips will always prove to be far more effective then generic length pre made grips that will often prove to be too short for correct balance, and/or too fat for a comfortable hand hold.

In short ... We take thoughtful consideration with the individual build-up and design of our custom grips to best meet the needs of our anglers.

meiser cork grip materials

Grip Materials and Profiles

Like the personal thread wrap and feather inlay selections chosen by our clients: Our grip assemblies can be made to be very simple and conventional …

conventional grip assembly

… Or they can be made to be a rather bold statement … !!!

bold grip assembly

A selection of grip assemblies and various materials used …

Primary burnt, with dark rubberized, dark burl cork and 1/8” narrow Rust colored accent rings.

Primary burnt, with dark rubberized, dark burl cork

Primary burnt, with dark rubberized, and natural burl cork with Mint Green, White and Black rubberized 1/8” accent rings.

primary burnt and mint green

Primary light burl with dark rubberized cork and 1/4” light burl and 1/8” Rust accent rings

primary light burl

A close-up detail in order as shown: Dark rubberized, 1/4” natural burl, 1/8” Rust accent ring, 1/4” dark rubberized, 1/8” Rust, 1/4” natural burl and burnt primary …

dark rubberized closeup

Another close-up detail in order as shown: Dark rubberized, 1/4” natural burl, 1/8” Rust, 1/8” Black rubberized, 1/8” Rust to natural burl … All to match the wood insert.

dark rubberized burl

… And a close-up of a typical lower grip for a Standard Build rod.

standard build grip closeup

A collage of various grip assemblies with various cork and wood combinations.

grip collage

A full view of our most commonly requested grip assembly <> The “Standard Build” …

standard build grip full view

… And my favorite grip image of all: A well used, and loved two-handed rod … !!!

two handed grip assembly