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R.B. Meiser Guide Systems

… Both our Custom and Standard Build schedule rods will come standard with classic milled and polished carbide ring strippers with Silver brazed, polished, low carbon stainless steel hoops. All are TiCr coated for additional saltwater durability …

free strippers

These are without question the most durable, handsome and maintenance free strippers available … Suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments. We do highly recommend the use of these functional, classic TiCr coated carbide ring stripping guides. We have been using them for over 15 years and we have found that they have totally eliminated the potential for ring failure.

titanium strippers
minima strippers

We do highly recommend the use of the extremely lightweight Titanium framed “Minima” style stripper guides for our ultra lite 2 to 4 weight two-handed rods. They are 20% to 30% lighter than comparable ceramic ring stripper guides. And although they are as light as a feather, they have proven to be as durable as our carbide TiCr strippers.

agate strippers

For those anglers that do appreciate the classic look of Agate, we do offer these dark and bright Nickel Silver framed strippers. We have found these strippers to be as durable as they are beautiful.

snake guides

Our snakes and tip tops are made from heavy gauge low carbon marine grade stainless steel wire with TiCr coating. These are not only jewelry like in appearance, are 100% salt worthy. The will perfectly match any of our TiCr coated or the Titanium framed strippers.