fly rod reel seats

R.B. Meiser Reel Seats

…. All of the reel seats that we use on our rods are proprietary designs, custom made for our shop, to our callouts. These are the reel seats that we will use for all of our Standard Build and Custom Build schedule rods ...

NOTE: We do also sell our reel seats to the rod builder. They are available separately, or as part of our Ready to Wrap, or Builder kits. We can supply individual pricing for all of these reel seats upon request.

We Offer The Following Reel Seats

1. The Ferguson with stabilized wood inserts available in 2 barrel sizes

2. The Classic with stabilized wood inserts available in 3 barrel sizes

classic fly reel seat

… And for those that will wish to minimize reel seat weight we do offer anodized Aluminum Classic and Ferguson style reel seats in Bright and Dark Titanium frames with stabilized wood inserts, available in 2 barrel sizes.

anodized aluminum in ferguson and classic style reel seats

We also offer Anodized Aluminum all metal barrel reel seats with either hidden hoods or exposed hoods, available in two barrel sizes ...

The RBM20 and RBM24 are exposed hood anodized Aluminum available in Gunsmoke Titanium or Black …

gunsmoke & titanium black reel seats

… And our RBMU18and RBMU15 hidden hood all metal barrel seats in Black

anodized aluminum full metal fly rod reel seat

R.B. Meiser All Purpose Adjustable Reel Seats

The shop has just developed a new series of unique two handed reel seats that will not only allow the acceptance of both non-conforming vintage, and conforming contemporary reel seat legs ... But they will also allow up to 3 inches of reel seat travel on the barrel in either the up, or down locking reel positions.

The dual lock nuts are directionally thread opposing, so they will 100% lock-in the reel legs anywhere within the barrel travel, regardless of their leg length.

The two sliding hoods are carefully sized to accommodate all contemporary AFTA conforming reel legs, as well as unaltered vintage non-conforming reel leg sizes.

These same adjustable elements will also assist in achieving better swing balance while using the heavier weighted frames typical of many vintage reels ... And will also allow the same advantages for the lighter weight contemporary reels preferred by many two handed anglers.

Bottom line <> These reel seats will let the angler cinch-up a heavier, longer legged vintage Hardy Perfect, as well as any lighter, conventional legged contemporary reel on the same reel seat/rod marriage ... And, still be allowed reel placement adjustments (on the reel seat barrel) to achieve an ideal swing balance.

We have these reel seats available in two barrel sizes, this to accommodate a broad range of two handed rod lengths and powers

Typical non-conforming leg of a vintage reel

vintage reel and reel seat
Non-conforming vintage reel leg cinched into a up-locking position ...
vintage reel seat uplocking

... And cinched into a down-locking position

downlocking reel seat for vintage reel

Wood Inserts for the Classic and Ferguson Reel Seats

reel seat wood inserts

We have an extremely broad range of highly figured stabilized wood inserts milled to fit all of our reel seats. These are available in both natural burl woods and many different dyed colors. All are stabilized, and all are acrylic coated to assure an extremely durable polished finish.

meiser real seat wood inserts

We do also offer an equally broad range of matching, highly figured larger blank stock burl wood that we can custom mill as accent wood sections into the lower grips.

meiser rods raw wood reel seat inserts

The image shown here is milled natural Oregon Broad Leaf Birdseye Maple burl wood.

birdseye maple reel seat insert