Ferguson Style Reel Seats

The Ferguson style reel seats have a very distinct rounded machined threads and longer barrel, all with a very traditional and classic look.

They will all have exposed fixed hoods, and can be configured as either up or down locking positions.

Any of the Fergusons reel seats can be configured so that they will be capable of accepting non-conforming reel seat legs typical of many vintage reels.

ferguson fly rod reel seat

The Ferguson skeletons are available in four materials:

polished bronze ferguson fly reel seat

Polished Bronze

bright nickle silver ferguson fly reel seat

Bright Nickle Silver

Darkened Nickel Silver ferguson fly rod reel seat

Darkened Nickel Silver

For those wanting the very traditional look of the Ferguson’s, but with a lighter frame, we also offer them in machined anodized aluminum with a dark titanium finish.

meiser ferguson titanium reel seat

All of the Ferguson Style reel seats are available with a nearly infinite variety of highly figured, stabilized wood inserts. We do offer (and have in stock) an extremely wide selection of wood inserts, the choices of which would need to be discussed at the same time that the build schedule is being defined.

For a very traditional look, we can custom mill cork inserts, utilizing either conventional or various composite cork rings (see image below).

meiser ferguson traditional appearance reel seats

The reel seat frames are uniquely designed so that the reel legs do not ride on the cork itself. Both reel legs are allowed to be seated on the metal skeleton, not on the cork itself. This unique capability assures that the cork insert will not compress from the weight and compression of the reel legs.