single bauer rx spey fly fishing reel

Bauer Fly Reels

… “Perfect design arises from the ideal combination of function and aesthetics. Something of lasting quality that works flawlessly and is beautiful to behold” …


Bauer fly reels are designed and handcrafted in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. They are precision-machined to tolerances down to 1/1OOOth of an inch from aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. The spool and carbon fiber drag system rotate on sealed precision stainless steel ball bearings.

Carbon Fiber is the perfect choice for a fly reel drag. Unlike cork, its performance is not dependent on lubrication. And, unlike polymers, carbon isn’t affected by temperature changes. The Bauer Carbon Fiber system is fully sealed and delivers silky smooth and consistent performance in all conditions. No maintenance required.

Our clutch provides a uniquely smooth and seamless engagement of the drag and a silent retrieve. Manufactured from non-corrosive materials, it is far more durable and reliable than the roller clutch bearing system commonly used in other fly reels.

bauer rx spey fly fishing reels

RX Spey Reel


Specifically crafted to balance two-handed rods and heavier saltwater rods, the RX Spey features a more traditional, solid black polished hardback frame. The large diameter spool assures quick line pickup and ample capacity to accommodate your line of choice, from Skagit to traditional long belly Spey lines. The RX4 Microspey is designed to accommodate smaller Spey lines for trout and other freshwater species.

RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal.

Bauer RX Classic Spey Reels 4, 5, 6, 7

ModelDia.Wt.Line Wt.CapacityReelSpool
RX43.75”6.4 ozSpey 3/4/5Skagit 350+100 yd 20#705.00305.00
RX54.00”9.1 ozSpey 6/7Skagit 400+175 yd 30#785.00340.00
RX64.25”10.1 ozSpey 7/8Skagit 550+200 yd 30#895.00385.00
RX74.50"11.2 ozSpey 9/10Skagit 650+225 yd 30#995.00420.00

bauer rx 1-7 fly reels

RX Reels 1-7

RX 1, 2, 3, 4
Smaller, lightweight reels that can handle lines 2wt though 8wt and are ideal for all freshwater applications, as well as light salt. Perfect for trout, smallmouth bass, bonefish and other species.

RX 5, 6, 7
These larger RX reels were designed to handle and subdue extremely powerful fish such as Tarpon, Peacock Bass, Dorado, Permit, Salmon and other hard fighters that will quickly prove whether a reel is up to the task. They feature stronger seals, a more powerful structure and a drag system that features multiple carbon discs and five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control … And for those that will wish a lighter weight reel suitable for two handed rods <> The RX 4,5,6 and 7s will accommodate a wide range of Spey lines suitable for Trout to Chinook.


RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal.

single bauer rx fly reel

Bauer RX Reels 1-7

ModelDiaWtLine WtCapacityReelSpool
RX133.5 oz03/04/05WF5+55yd 20#495.00225.00
RX23.253.8 oz04/05/06WF5+100yd 20#525.00240.00
RX33.54.2 oz05/06/07WF6+135yd 20#655.00295.00
RX43.755.3 oz06/07/08WF7+175 yd 20# Spey-3/4675.00305.00
RX547.8 oz07/08/09WF8+225yd 30# Spey-5/6755.00340.00
RX64.258.6 oz09/10/11WF10+350yd 30# Spey-7/8855.00385.00
RX74.59.4 oz11/12/13WF12+450yds 30# Spey-8/9/10925.00420.00

bauer sst fly reels

SST Reels

… Introduced in 2017, our latest reel combines striking design with superior, exceptionally smooth performance. Featuring a narrow profile frame design, the SST offers a proven fully sealed carbon fiber drag system, star drag knob operation and a variety of star color options. As with all our reels, the SST is precision-machined and built to meet the requirements of the most demanding anglers and angling situations. An extraordinary new reel for 2 through 9wt lines.


SST Reels are available in all Black or Silver/Clear anodized aluminum with Red hub and Star Dial in the following colors: Silver/Clear, Black, Dark Green, Red or Blue.

For the new SST, we’ve simplified the naming protocol for each reel. Example: SST 4 is ideal for a 4wt line. However, each SST can be used with lines one size smaller or larger depending on the user’s preference. The SST 6, 7 and 8 will also make ideal ultra lite Trout Spey reels

bauer sst all black fly reel

SST Reels

ModelDia.WtLine WtCapacityReelSpool
SST 333.6 oz02/03/04WF3+60yd 20#375.00170.00
SST 43.123.8 oz03/04/05WF4+80yd 20#425.00195.00
SST 53.254.0 oz04/05/06WF5+100yd 20#495.00225.00
SST 63.54.6 oz05/06/07WF6+150yd 20# Spey-2/3545.00245.00
SST 73.755.8 oz06/07/08WF7+175yd 20# Spey-3/4625.00285.00
SST 846.5 oz07/08/09WF8+225yd 20# Spey-4/5695.00315.00