hardy reels

Hardy Reels ~ Over 100 Years of Excellence

… Not much needs to be said about these iconic reels … They’ve been speaking for themselves for over 10 decades <> And they do speak loudly … !!!


This selection of Hardy click & pawl, and disc drag reels will have spool capacities suitable for our two handed rods ranging from 2 to 12 weight.

The reels designated for T.H. (two handed) 2 to 6 weight line capacities will be well suited for all game fish within a range of 1 to 10 pounds. These would be ideal reels for the lighter duty two handed rods such as our Trout Speys, and ultra lite switch rods.

The reels designated for 7 to 12 weight will be well suited for all game fish within a range of 6 to 35+ pounds. These would be ideal for our medium to heavy duty two handed rods.

hardy perfect fly reel
hardy perfect reels

The “Wide Spool” Hardy Perfect

Wide Spool Hardy Perfect

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Perfect 2 7/8”WF4+ 50/2002/03/18Please call for pricing"
Perfect 3 1/8”5.3WF6+ 50/2003/04/05Please call for pricing"
Perfect 3 3/8”6.2WF8+75/2005/06/07Please call for pricing"
Perfect 3 7/8”9.9WF9+155/3006/07/08Please call for pricing"
Perfect 4”11WF10+250/3007/08/09Please call for pricing"
Perfect 4 1/4"11.3WF12+275/3009/10/11Please call for pricing"

Beautiful classic fly reels of the latest revision in over a century of the Perfect.  This model features a wide spool for better capacity, a time proven check system, and that classic Perfect sound.

Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel design in 1889, our engineers, developers and consultants have been constantly striving for ways to improve on perfection, tweaking and adjusting to bring you what we believe are the best reels in their class to date.

  • Stainless steel ball bearings provide friction-less running
  • Fully caged to minimize running line snagging and increase frame strength
  • Engineered from bar stock aluminum with naval brass one piece spindle
  • Deep anodized for strength and durability; smooth gunmetal grey satin finish
  • Ivorine handle
  • Easily changed from left to right hand wind
  • Supplied with a soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch
  • Available in 6 sizes
hardy bougle fly reel rear view

The Hardy Bougle

Launched for the reel's 110th birthday in 2013, this Bougle is one of the best yet - with its rolling pillar, reversible click check, naval brass bush and spindle, and its hand polished, deep anodized ‘pearl silver' finish. This Bougle reel is sure to become one of the classics. 

Hardy Bougle Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Bougle 2 13/16"3.2 oz.WF2+50/20-Please call for pricing"
Bougle 3"3.6 oz.WF3+75/20-Please call for pricing"
Bougle 3 1/4"4.1 oz.WF5+100/202/3/4Please call for pricing"
Bougle 3 1/2"4.7 oz.WF7+100/304/5/6Please call for pricing"
Bougle 4"7.9 oz.WF10+350/307/8/9Please call for pricing"

  • Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system 
  • Naval brass bush and spindle 
  • Deep anodized bar stock aluminum in Pearl Silver finish 
  • Fully caged to minimize running line snagging and increase frame strength
  • Easily changed from left- to right-hand wind 
  • Spools interchangeable with Bougle Mk VII, VI, V & IV 
  • Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch
  • Ivorine handle
  • Made in UK
hardy marquis salmon fly reel
hardy marquis handle side salmon fly reel

The Hardy Marquis

Hardy Marquis Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
Marquis 64.32WF6 + 45/202/3/4Please call for pricing"
Marquis 74.62WF7+67/204/5/6Please call for pricing"
Marquis Salmon 18.11WF10+170/206/7/8Please call for pricing"
Marquis Salmon 29.3WF11+280/307/8/9Please call for pricing"
Marquis Salmon 39.9WF12+400/309/10/11Please call for pricing"

  • Made in UK
  • Bar stock 6061 Construction
  • Improved range of adjustment
  • Modified Porting to reduce weight
  • Updated yet classic styling
  • Indented regulator button
  • Fully caged to minimize running line snagging and increase frame strength

A re-modeled classic Hardy fly reel. The Hardy Marquis was a main stay of the Hardy line for many years. This new edition features numerous improvements to the original including subtle updating of the classic style with an indented regulator button, increased porting, and improved regulation range.


hardy cascapedia fly reel

The Hardy Cascapedia

  • Made in UK
  • Full bar stock construction
  • S-Shaped Handle
  • Classic Click check ratchet sound
  • Fully caged to minimize running line snagging and increase frame strength

Hardy has been hand-crafting reels in Alnwick, England for over 120 years, a record no other tackle manufacturer can match.  Tradition has always been part of their history.  But more than anything else, it’s their innovation that lies at the heart of the company … A constant quest for refinement and innovation to improve their tackle.  Without this unique chemistry and time-served craftsmanship, the new Cascapedia could never have been developed.

This English made classic features a full barstock aluminum construction and a classic click check sound. The two smaller sizes in the Cascapedia are perfect for your single hand fishing or ultra lite two handers of, while the two larger models are suitable for rods from 7 to 11 weights. The 4/5 and 6/7 have the classic click check drag system, while the 8/9 and 10/11 have a disc drag system with an audible clicker to give it the classic Cascapedia sound.

Hardy Cascapedia Reels

ModelWeightS.H. CapacityT.H. CapacityReelSpool
3” Trout 4/5 wt6.3WF5+75/302/3/4Please call for pricing-
3 ½” Sea Trout 6/7 wt8.4WF7+85/304/5/6Please call for pricing-
3 ¾” Light Salmon 8/9 wt12.7WF9+190/307/8/9Please call for pricing-
4” Salmon 10/11 wt14WF11+290/309/10/11Please call for pricing-