mkx spey rods

R.B. Meiser MKX Spey Rods

…The MKX rods are favored by those two-handed anglers that prefer an extremely authoritative, deep loading rod with a lot of top end power, and a medium fast speed of recovery …

… When compared to a comparable Highlander CX rod: The MKX rods will have 10% to 15% more energy (will be stiffer) in the top 2/3 of the blank. The bottom 1/3 will even out, or actually increase flex (will be softer) and will load much deeper into the cork. This creates an incredibly efficient rod action that will demand only a minimal amount of caster energy to achieve maximum performance. This is a very old and traditional rod action. UK Salmon anglers would call this a through-action rod. Bamboo guys would call them parabolic action rods.

Two handed rods that have actions typical of the MKX’s do without question have the best work ethics of all rod actions, and if managed correctly, the ratio of power and distance achieved in relation to caster expended energy is phenomenal. And because of these inherent characteristics, most all of the world’s most successful distance casting competition casters use rods that have this action.

Considering all of my years of involvement with fishing and designing two handed rods … I would have to say in all honesty that most dedicated two handed casters will eventually evolve into anglers that will learn to fully appreciate the delivery capability of this family of rod action.

Another strong point of the MKX rods is that are not line specific. They will deliver all correctly grain matched line systems with equal efficiency. Both Scandi and Skagit shooting heads are ideal for these rods. They have a lot of top end power, so they will un-hinge and launch massive Skagit tips and heavy flies requiring only a relaxed and economic power stroke. And yet, they do also have the subtle sweetness to down-grain into a minimal anchor touch-and-go that’ll launch a light weight Scandi with just a flick. We’ve also seen a very strong appreciation again of classic Spey lines, this as a result of the increased numbers of more seasoned casters on our rivers. The MKX rods are brilliant long belly rods that will aerialize and efficiently manage long belly lines with ease.

We have just recently gone through a generational material up-grade with all of the MKX rods, just as we have done with the Highlander CX rods. And as with the CX rods: The most noticeable difference (from their previous generation) will be blank weight. The MKX blanks are now 15% to 20% lighter in hand overall. This is especially noticeable in the decreased material weight within the very powerful top 2/3 of the blank. This has been achieved with the introduction of stronger, lighter materials in this critical area. And because the blanks are no longer as tip heavy, they need not be burdened by additional reel weight to counter the tip to achieve correct swing balance, as did past generations. The MKX rods do also have slightly faster speeds of recovery, broader grain windows and increased blank sensitivity that will enhance the feel of the “take”, the fish fight and line presentation.

And like the Highlander CX rods … We have taken great care to maintain their benchmark actions. The new MKX rods do still maintain the same friendly efficiency and "strong work ethic" that our anglers have always sought after within this series of rods.

MKX Spey Rods