sx single hand spey rod

R.B. Meiser Highlander SX Single Hand Spey Rods

… The Highlander SX single handers are light to medium duty rods that are designed for those anglers that will wish to have a rod that is specifically designed to assist in single hand Spey delivery. They are based on our Highlander S rod actions …

… As with the growing appreciation of the ultra light, short two handed Trout Speys … There is also an equally growing appreciation for light-in-hand single hand rods with the design capability to efficiently deliver Scandi and Skagit shooting heads utilizing both single hand anchor point Spey, and over head deliveries. The Highlander SX rods are designed specifically to meet these criteria.

They are based on our Highlander S actions. By definition, these are fast speed of recovery, mid-flex rods. When compared to the Highlander CX rods: They will have 10% to 15% more energy in the top 2/3 (will be stiffer) and will load deeper into the cork. They have ideal actions to lazer grain matched Scandi or Skagit shooting heads utilizing either single hand Spey or overhead deliveries.

The Highlander SX single handers will have grip assemblies typical of any 10’0” single hand rod, with a 2.5” fighting butt (as shown in the image above)

They are ideal for correctly grain matched OPST Commando heads, the Scientific Anglers Spey Lite integrated Scandi lines … And our formula SGS Scandi/Skagit shooting heads, custom built specifically for the rods length, power and angler’s applications.

The Highlander 10’0” SX single hand rods are the ultimate ultra lite weight rods specifically designed for shooting head delivery.

NOTE: We will supply a formula built SGS Scandi or Skagit shooting head with each rod purchase free of charge

Highlander SX Single Hand Spey Rods

S2H1003SX-4 (3 wt)10'0"420/25175/22517/19200/250830.00980.00
S2H1004SX-4 (4 wt)10'0"420/25225/27517/19250/300830.00980.00
S2H1005SX-4 (5 wt)10'0"420/25275/32517/19300/350830.00980.00
S2H1006SX-4 (6 wt)10'0"420/25325/37517/19350/400830.00980.00
S2H1007SX-4 (7 wt)10'0"420/25375/42517/19400/450830.00980.00
S2H1008SX-4 (8 wt)10'0"420/25425/47517/19450/500830.00980.00