custom build grips seats

R.B. Meiser Custom Build Schedule Rods

… When we are asked to build a Custom Build schedule rod, the finished rod will be literally as defined: It will be a custom built rod. All of our Custom Build schedule rods will be cosmetically unique to the angler, and no two will ever be alike. …

The process for determining what a finished Custom Build schedule rod will look like will be the result of a one on one communication of thoughts and ideas conveyed between our shop and our client. The process can be very interactive, with direction coming primarily from the client … Or the client can leave it largely up to us to direct advise in regards to the rod’s finished theme.

The rod can become a bold personal statement …

bold personal custom rod

… Or it can be very simple and elegant.

simple & elegant custom rod build

Either way <> The ultimate goal will always be to create a unique, and personalized fishing tool.

putting together custom rod build

Putting Together a “Custom Build” Schedule Rod: The Process

… I will use a series of two-handed rods that we build for Poppy and Linda Cummin’s, owners of the Red Shed Fly Shop on the Clearwater River in Peck, Idaho. This will basically exemplify how the Custom Build process works …

After the suitable blank is chosen … We will generally begin by first discussing, and then determining the rods overall color theme.

red shed fly shop logo

For Poppy and Linda’s rods, we used the Red Shed logo (image above) as a guide, using the logo’s Red, Black and White colors as the color theme for their rod’s feather inlays and thread wraps …These as shown in the image below.

red shed feather inlay custom rod

The reel seats chosen were darkened Nickel Silver Fergusons with Oregon Broad Leaf Maple burl wood inserts …

nickel siver ferguson reel seat with oregon broad maple leaf insert

… And the grip assembly has Red, Black andWhite inserts. These all selected to follow the Red Shed’s logo colors.

red shed custom rod grip assembly

Each rod has a hand written signature that includes the rod’s description, grain window, month and year it was built and the R.B. Meiser Rods builder name.

This would be a typical process for all of our Custom Build schedule rods.

The bottom line is …You direct us, and we will without question do our very best to interpret, and convey your build schedule details accurately … To create a unique, and extremely personal fishing tool, just as we have successfully done for literally thousands of anglers world wide.

custom build reel seat options

Reel Seat Options

… All of our reel seats are proprietary for R.B. Meiser Fly Rods … Most of them are made for us by Joel Lemke’s shop in Sutherlin, Oregon …

We do offer over a dozen different styles of reel seats. They are available as machined and hard anodized Aluminum all-metal barrel reel seats, or as skeleton frames of polished solid Bronze, Nickel Silver and anodized Aluminum with an extremely broad range of highly figured stabilized wood inserts.

To view all of our available reel seat options please click here.

meiser custom grip assembly options

Custom Build Grip Assemblies

…The upper and lower grips for the Custom Build schedule rods can again be simple or bold … It all depends on the direction you will wish to go…

We can custom mill wood into the lower grip to match the reel seat wood insert, or use various cork inserts to achieve a similar goal. The combination of various materials available for our grip assemblies will allow a nearly infinite finished theme. All of the grip assemblies above are Custom Build schedules.

(top) This grip is made up of rubberized cork, Black narrow accent bands, burl cork, and custom milled Turkish Walnut burl … (bottom) This grip is of rubberized cork, Red accent bands, burl and burnt cork.

rubberized cork grips

(top) The reel seat here is darkened Nickel Silver with an Oregon Black Oak burl insert, the grip is made up of matching Black Oak, narrow Black accent bands, burl and rubberized cork (bottom) This reel seat is a polished Bronze Ferguson with a natural cork insert. The grip is of rubberized, burl and burnt cork.

black oak burl grip
meiser feather inlays

We’ll generally color theme the feather inlays to match the overall color theme chosen for the rod …

... And again, the combination of colors available with the various feathers that we are allowed to use can introduce a nearly infinite variable towards the goal of creating a truly unique and personalized rod.

meiser feather inlays
gallery intro

A Gallery of Custom Build Schedule Rods

Below is a broad selection of various Custom Build schedule rod images that we have built for our anglers worldwide …

... Please feel free to use these images as a guide or reference to assist you in putting together your own R.B. Meiser Custom Build schedule rod.