meiser classic reel seats

R.B. Meiser Classic Reel Seats

...The Classic style skeleton frames are available in machined Bronze, Bright Nickel Silver, Darkened Nickel Silver and lighter weight anodized Aluminum ...

The machined thread pitch and sizing of the Classic barrels are finer then that of the Ferguson’s, and are more typical of contemporary reel seats. All will have hidden fixed hoods, and can be configured into either up, or down locking positions.

All of the Classic Style reel seats are available with a nearly infinite variety of highly figured, stabilized wood inserts. We do offer an extremely wide selection of custom milled wood inserts, the choices of which will need to be discussed at the same time that the build schedule is being defined.

reel seat wood inserts

The Classic skeletons are available in three frame diameters and frame lengths:

Small Barrel: For 2 to 5 wt two handed rods
Medium Barrel: For 6 to 8 wt two handed rods
Large Barrel: For 8 to 12 wt two handed rods

The Classic style skeletons are available in four materials:

Top: Polished Bronze
Middle: Bright Nickel Silver
Bottom: Darkened Nickel Silver ...

classic fly reel seats

… And for those anglers that will wish to minimize reel seat weight, we do offer the Classic’s in machined Aluminum with a Dark or Bright Titanium hard anodized finish. The Dark Titanium is shown here:

classic reel seat dark titanium