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R.B. Meiser Blanks

… We do now offer many of our new blank designs to the rod builder as blanks, Ready to Wraps (RTW) or as Builder Kits. We do also offer many of our blanks to builders at scheduled pricing discounts. If interested in these pricing schedules please contact our shop [email protected]

Builder Kits

Builder Kits Include:

~ Our own proprietary blank designs, the same that we would use for our own
custom rods

~ Our own proprietary reel seats in Titanium Gunsmoke

~ Our own Flor grade cork rings and composite cork … The same we would use on our own custom rods

~ Our own proprietary Carbide ring TiCr stripper guides.

~ Our own proprietary marine grade TiCr snakes and tip top

~ Winding check

Ready To Wrap

What Is Ready to Wrap?

The Ready to Wrap is the rod complete with the upper and lower grip assembled and milled custom to client callouts. All that needs to be done is to wrap and epoxy the rod. The grips are hand glued ring on ring, using the same Flor grade cork, reel seats, and grip profiles that we would use on our build schedules.

Ready to Wrap (RTW) Will Include:

~ Our own proprietary reel seats in Titanium Gunsmoke

~ Other reel seat options are available for discussion (see the reel seat page)

~ Fully assembled upper and lower grips milled in profiles typical of our own rods

~ Marine grade Carbide ring TiCr stripping guides

~ Marine grade TiCr Snakes and tip top

~ Other guide system options are available for discussion

~ The rod is spine aligned with guide placement recommendations

~ All that needs to be done is to wrap and epoxy the rod

~ Our Standard Build R.B. Meiser logo Codura case and sock is optional with the
RTW: Add $65.00

~ The butt section can be personalized with a signature, feather Inlay, and
matching thread wraps: Add $65.00

CX, MKX and “S” Blanks

Highlander CX Blanks

ModelLengthSectionsLineBlank WeightBlankRTWBuilder Kit
S2H11024CX-411'0”431.8 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H11035CX-411'0”441.9 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H11046CX-411'0”452.0 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H11057CX-411'0”462.0 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H11068CX-411'0”472.2 0z395.00645.00545.00
S2H11079CX-411'0”482.3 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H110810CX-411'0”492.4 oz395.00645.00545.00
S2H110911CX-411'0”4102.6 0z395.00645.00545.00
S2H12635CX-412'6”443.1 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H12646CX-412'6”453.5 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H12657CX-412'6”463.6 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H12668CX-412'6”473.7 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H12679CX-412'6”483.7 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H126810CX-412'6”493.9 oz415.00665.00565.00
S2H13046CX-413'0”453.0 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13057CX-413'0”463.2 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13068CX-413'0”473.6 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13079CX-413'0”483.9 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H130810CX-413'0”494.0 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13668CX-413'6”473.7 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H13679CX-413'6”483.8 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H136810CX-413'6”493.9 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H14068CX-414'0”474.2 oz475.00725.00625.00
S2H14079CX-414'0”484.5 oz475.00725.00625.00
S2H140810CX-414'0”494.6 oz475.00725.00625.00
S2H15068CX-415'0”475.0 oz495.00745.00645.00
S2H15079CX-415'0”485.0 oz495.00745.00645.00
S2H150810CX-415'0”495.2 oz495.00745.00645.00
S2H150911CX-415'0”4105.4 oz495.00745.00645.00
S2H16079CX-416'0'486.0 oz515.00765.00665.00
S2H160810CX-416'0”496.0 oz515.00765.00665.00
S2H160911CX-416'0”4106.2 oz515.00765.00665.00

Highlander CX Travel Blanks

ModelLengthSectionsLineBlank WeightBlankRTWBuilder Kit
S2H13057CX-613'0”663.6 oz460.00710.00610.00
S2H13068CX-613'0”673.7 oz460.00710.00610.00
S2H13668CX-613'6”673.7 oz480.00730.00630.00
S2H13679CX-613'6”683.9 oz480.00730.00630.00
S2H14079CX-614'0”684.4 oz500.00750.00650.00
S2H140810CX-614'0”694.6 oz500.00750.00650.00
S2H15079CX-615'0”685.4 oz520.00770.00670.00
S2H150810CX-615'0”695.5 oz520.00770.00670.00
S2H160810CX-616'0”696.2 oz540.00790.00690.00
S2H160911CX-616'0”6106.4 oz540.00790.00690.00

Highlander S Blanks

ModelLengthSectionsLineBlank WeightBlankRTWBuilder Kit

Highlander MKX Blanks

ModelLengthSectionsLineBlank WeightBlankRTWBuilder Kit
S2H13045MKX-413’0”44/53.0 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13056MKX-413’0”45/63.4 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13067MKX-413’0”46/73.8 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13078MKX-413’0”47/83.9 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H130910MKX-413’0”49/104.0 oz435.00685.00585.00
S2H13678MKX-413’6”47/84.1 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H13689MKX-413’6”48/94.2 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H136910MKX-413’6”49/104.4 oz455.00705.00605.00
S2H14067MKX-414’0”46/74.0 oz525.00775.00675.00
S2H14078MKX-414’0”47/84.2 0z525.00775.00675.00
S2H140910MKX-414’0”49/104.4 oz525.00775.00675.00
S2H15089MKX-415’0”48/95.4 oz545.00795.00695.00
S2H150910MKX-415’0”49/105.6 oz545.00795.00695.00
S2H160910MKX-416’0”49/106 oz565.00815.00715.00
S2H16010/11MKX-416’0”410/116.2 oz565.00815.00715.00